Timeless. Quality. Natural.
Those are the words we live by at ​Love and Confuse. We are a family owned business who believe that women should not have to choose between fashion and sustainability. Our mission is to create staple pieces that can be worn again and again for decades to come, without falling out of style or falling apart.

Our goal is to have our clothes be passed down from generation to generation without the loss of quality or style.
In today’s world, so many clothes are created to follow a fad, only to be thrown away in a few short years. With our clothes, we aim to return to the days of minimal fashion; where our clothes were not made to define you – but you defined the clothes. Our goal is to create clothing that no matter the trend, they will always be in style. Like each person on this planet, our clothes are distinctively made. Each stitch, cut, and fasten was done by us for each client. The process is slow, but worth the wait.
We believe in ethical fashion – we consciously take responsibility for our planet and our communities through the clothes we create.
We create clothing that keeps you and our planet smiling. With our 100% natural linens, packaging made of recycled materials, and ethical manufacturing practices, we are a clothing line for the environmentally conscious who look beyond fads and aim to be timeless. These are pieces that can be worn every day of the week, without fear of them being worn down or out of touch.
We hope these staple pieces will make you feel confident and comfortable no matter the occasion.

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